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Some people love traveling. For them, the holiday starts the moment that they leave the house not when they arrive at the destination. Some os us however either experience extreme boredness, and frustration whilst waiting for our flight to be called. So what can you do whilst you are waiting at the airport? Here are some ideas for you.

Passing the time at the airport -
///The sensible list

1.Hit the shops. Spend some money, you're on holiday. Buy some smellies or some alcohol. Or maybe buy some new clothes for your trip. A lot of airports have as many shops as a small shopping mall, so depending where you are you might be spoilt for choice.

2.Browse some books. Go into a bookshop and spend some time looking for a good read to take away with you.

3.Surf. A lot of airports offer free wifi now. If you haven't got 3G then take advantage of the airport's wifi.

4.Take our quiz. If you are online, then you could take our quiz. Or maybe buy a puzzle book and get stuck in.

5. People watch. Sit and stare. There are so many diverse people at airports. Try not to be too obvious when you are staring though but enjoy just watching people interact.

6.Write a letter. When was the last time that you wrote a letter? Not an email but a letter. Get a pen and some paper or maybe a postcard. Buy a stamp and write. You could send it to loved ones, to a young family member, or to an old friend. If you are desperate, you could even send it to your self. There are postboxes in airports so you can send it straight away.

7.Talk to a stranger. Speak to the person next to you. You might just find a friend for life, or you might not.

8.Call everyone you know. Use your minutes, and call all of your friends and all of your family. If you call 12 people and speak for 5 minutes to each one, then you will have used an hour of time and done some good keeping in touch at the same time.

9.Have a workout. Airports are big places. You could burn a few calories just from walking a few laps. If you carry your luggage around at the same time you could really build up a sweat.

10.Sleep. You have nothing to do, so what a brilliant excuse to sleep. If they are with you give the kids to the other-half and send them off for a milkshake and a muffin. Get comfy(ish) and try to snooze. Put your headphones on to block out the noise. Make sure however that if you are traveling alone, you set an alarm so that you don't miss your flight.

Passing the time at the airport -
///The not-so-sensible list

1.Make up your own foreign language. Just start talking gibberish to someone. They don't know you, airports are full of people from overseas, you can get away with it. Maybe try to get them to tell you the time, Make sure you end with a 'Thanks mate' in your normal accent before walking off.

2.Have a long handshake. There was a program called Banzai, where a guy shakes hands with people and doesn't let go for ages. It is really awkward, you could try it. Obviously let go before you get in serious trouble. Just smile a lot whilst doing it.

3.Play musical spasms. This one works better if there are a few of you. Take it in turns to stand up from wherever you are sitting and just freak out a bit. Shake your hands make a moaning sound, twitch, be creative, then sit back down as if nothing has happened. First person to laugh or bottle-it looses.

4.Complain. Find an official and complain about something that is not within their remit. For example go to the counter in a shop and try to check your luggage in. When they tell you that you are in the wrong place, start complaining about how shoddy their airline is.

5, Make prank calls. Call friends and family and try out your best stupid voices, Better still get a complete stranger to call them for you.

6.Use a Ministry of Silly Walks walk. Make John Cleese proud. Practice you best walks.

7, Have a pretend conversation. Use your phone to call an imaginary friend. You can discuss anything. Maybe your plans to spend your lottery winnings, or how the world has changed since you finished 5 year stretch inside. Be creative and watch the reactions of the people near you.

8.Make a sign. Wait at arrivals with a humerous sign that makes it look like you are waiting to meet someone, and watch the reactions of people arriving.

9.Dance. Get up and boogie. No music, no problem. Just do your thing,

10.Sing. Everyone loves a good song. Treat the other passengers to a good tune. Maybe start with a hum, then build up to something a bit louder. You could put headphones on and sing along to a tune if it makes it easier for you.

We just want to make it clear that airportcarhirehub, will not be held responsible for anything that happens if you follow any of the suggestions from the list on the right. On the other hand, feel free to send us any videos or pictures of you and your friends passing the time at the airport.