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Have you ever noticed how you never see Shaun Williamson (Barry from Eastenders) and Stelios Haji-Ioannou (Easy Jet owner) in the same room at the same time? Strange isn't it. Maybe their paths have never collided, or maybe, just maybe they are one and the same person. Who knows? Take a look at our selection of possible brothers from other mothers.



Sir Stelios started EasyJet in 1995 when he was just 28. His net worth is listed as £1.29 billion. He may or may not have had a part in Eastenders.

shaun williamsonShaun Williamson best known for his role in Eastenders as Barry Evans, is two years younger than Stelios. In 2005 Williamson told how he had undergone hair restoring surgery. Was this perhaps so that he would stop being mistaken for his billionaire look-a-like or was it an attempt to look even more like him?


Leo van WijkVice Chairman of the Board of Directors and Deputy Chief Executive officer AIR FRANCE KLM, Leo van Wijk played football for AFC Ajax in the same teams as Johan Cruyff. |t is rumoured that he had offers to manage Manchester United but turned them down, so they appointed his look-a-like instead..


Sir Alex Ferguson

Sir Alex Ferguson has been manager of Manchester United for 26 years. He started his managerial career in June 1974, this career choice allegedly came after being turned down for a number of jobs in the travel industry.

Mark FrissoraMaybe not so well known as his celebrity double, Mark Frissora is the CEO of Hertz Global Holdings.


Nicholas Cage

In 2007 it is rumoured that Nicholas Cage bought 22 cars, including 9 Rolls Royces - Is there a possibility that Nick was contemplating capitalizing on his resemblance to Mark Frissora's and starting up his own hire car company? 6 years on and as far as we know Cage Rentals is still on the backburner.

Kevin George

Kevin George is the MD at Monarch Airlines. He joined Monarch in 2007. Prior to this he worked at British Airways for 11 years.

Willie WalshWillie Walsh took over as CEO of British Airways in 2005. Interestingly he and Kevin George worked for the same company at the same time for 2 years - something that may have come in very handy if for example one of them needed a day off but had a full diary.


Sir Richard Branson

Sir Richard Branson has been responsible for a lot of good music hitting our ears, but would he be willing to step in for the lead singer of Biffy Clyro if ever the need arose?

Simon NeilUsain Bolt may have claimed to be Richard Branson in the TV commercials aired in 2012, but there is now another contender for the top job at Virgin. Simon Neil the front man of the band Biffy Clyro, will need to shave the cheek hair though if he really wants to get away with it.

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