London Attractions Combo tickets

Using the excellent London Pass you can visit loads of major attractions and save loads of money.

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You've hired your car and now you want to see the sights. There is a cheap way of seeing all of the London sights and some outside of London too and that is by using the excellent London Pass. You can buy what some people refer to as London attractions combo tickets for just £52 for one day or £85 for three days. With the pass you get to see so many of London's top attractions and you don't need to pay a penny to get in to any of them. You use your combo tickets and not only do you get in without paying any additional money you get to queue jump too, with priority VIP access to many of the sights. If you are energetic enough to do 10 of London's attractions then you will save £132 with your combo ticket - let us know if you do 10 of London's attractions in one day as this would be truly impressive. However if you spread the 10 attractions out over 6 days, you will still save around £70 by buying London attractions combo tickets.

With your combo tickets you can see over 70 of London's amazing sights - more than anyone here has ever seen. Go on a London River boat cruise, visit the Tower of London, go to London Zoo, venture further out and go to Hampton Court or use your hire car to drive to Windsor. There is seriously so much to do. The excellent London Pass website where you can buy your London attractions combo tickets even has itineraries that you can follow that really take the hassle out of planning a London trip.

You can buy your combo tickets up to 1 year in advance and they only become active once you swipe them for the first time. What's more the best bit is that if you don't use them then you can get a 100% guaranteed full refund. So realistically you have nothing to lose.

If you are looking for London attractions combo tickets, the the London Pass is the way to go.

Click here to go to the London Pass website and see how you can save money.