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10 Tips to keep fuel cost down


Hiring a car costs money - of course it does. However you can save money by keeping your fuel costs down. Here are some ideas to help you keep your hire car fuel costs as low as possible.

1. Don't be in such a rush, drive at a slower speed and keep those revs low.

2. Don't accelerate too fast, keep that right foot light.

3. Leave your suitcases in the hotel. Extra weight costs you extra money.

4. Turn the air conditioning off. The air con uses fuel.

5. We know, your air conditioning is off, but try to keep your windows closed as the car is more aerodynamic.

6. Walk a bit. Yes you've hired a car, but you could still walk whenever you have the chance. You can park a little further form your destination than you need to and walk the last bit.

7. Shop around for your fuel. Use a fuel comparison website to get the best deal.

8. Don't pick a hire car with a huge engine, go for something more fuel efficient.

9. Get supermarket coupons when available and use them for fuel.

10. The hire car tires should be inflated correctly, but they might not be. Check your tire pressures and you will get more miles to the gallon.