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Hiring a car is actually quite simeple. You just find a car rental search engine (like ours), put in your dates, your pickup and dopoff locaion and a couple of other things and away you go. You choose the best deal that suits you and then enter you card details and book your car. Simple. However, there are a few things that maybe it is worth knowing, things that could potentially save you money. Read on below for a summary of some car insurance terms.


CDW stands for Collision Damage Waiver. This optional extra means that should there be any damage to your car, you are protected against any claims. All you pay is the excess. Be warned however the excess can be quite high. It is possiblt to take out insurance from external companies to protect you and this is often the cheaper option especially if you hire a car regularly.



Cancellation Waiver Protection is offered by some car hire companies. It means that if you cancel your booking before the date that you are due to pick your car up you won't be charged a cancellation fee.


Personal Accident Insurance is additional insurance covering the dirver and passengers in the hire car for death, disability and medical expenses.



Theft protection - if you are unlucky enough to have your vehicle stolen then you are only responsible for charges up to the excess amount.


The Damage Excess Waiver covers you for any damage that occurs to the vehicle whilst you are hiring it. You normally have to pay up to the amount specified in the Collision Damage Waiver.