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Unleaded anyone?

///Keep it down

Running your hire car doesn't have to cost you a fortune. Get our 10 top tips on keeping fuel costs down.


may, 2013

Tickle your eardrums

///Turn up the stereo

Some tunes to while away the hours while you are sat behind the wheel of your hire car.

The question is, are they any good?.

may, 2013

John never got bored at the airport

///brother from another mother?

We have taken four high-flyers from the travel industry, and found their look-a-likes - sort of.

What do you think?.

april, 2013

John never got bored at the airport


We have put together a list of 20 things for you to do at the airport. 10 of them are sensible and 10 of them are a bit silly. Even if you don't do any of them, just reading them will take up at leat 3 minutes.

Take a look.

MARCH, 2013

take the quiz, mastermind

///take the test?


We have a very interesting quiz on what you would imagine would be a very dull subject - UK airports. Don't be shy, go on over and have a go. you might just learn something.

Question 1. Are you going to click this link?

MARCH, 2013

Car hire terms even confuse statues

/// Know your CDW from your DEW? Do you need to?


The car hire industry is full of jargon. Do you need to know the terminology or not? Your hiring a car not looking for a job, but maybe knowing a bit more about what the terms mean, means that you wont end up paying for something that you don't need.

Read on to find out what those terms mean...

January 2013

It's not the motion in the ocean but the load on the road

/// is size important? how about when you hire a car?


They tell us that size isn't important, that it's the motion in the ocean that counts. But how about when it comes to car hire. You can save a lot of money by going for a smaller car, but what difference will it actually make to you over the course of a week?

You need to know, read on....

December 2012